What a Start!

“A Spirit of Service”

It was a pleasure meeting you all at Launch Night, and working with our staff and students is allowing me to get increasingly familiar with our Kuyper community. One thing I notice across all of Kuyper –from student, staff, board member, and parent –is a spirit of servanthood. Everyone loves to serve! This has been clear throughout our first month of firsts: we held our first chapel in our new auditorium, our first volleyball camp with new volleyball equipment, and we received our first fire department notice.

Our students were in for a real treat as we kicked off our first chapel service with opening words and announcements from Student Affairs Director, Joe Hamer. Ian Lyons led us all in worship before Pastor Brian shared a great message on having the right attitude. The collective effort of lining up, setting up, and starting off the day set a standard to guide us throughout this school year.

Mrs. Rohrer shared about parents who donated their time and expertise to install the new volleyball equipment. That spirit of service continued through the guest coaches who came locally and from across the country to help prepare our team for this season. We must also acknowledge that the time and effort given by Carolyn and Shannon Rohrer is an inspiration to everyone involved.

TheAdamos Family serving together

Lastly, another first for this year was not so pleasant, but it did bring out a tremendous spirit of service from our Kuyper families! The much-needed rain we received during the winter created an overwhelming amount of brush and weeds throughout San Diego County. This led several cities, including National City, to issue notices to clear weeds and dead vegetation. Thankfully, several families showed up within a few days and cleared over 75% of our weeds! We were able to get a two-week extension, which should be just enough time to pass inspection.

I would like to thank all of you who have so generously donated your time and efforts to keep our school running efficiently. It is because of everyone’s willingness to contribute, from students and families to staff, that the spirit of service is so evident in our Kuyper community.

Ricky Feria
Photo by Braden Collum

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