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Our Mission

Our mission is to humbly provide an excellent classical education, challenging students to understand the responsibilities of personal freedom for the purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God.

Our Mission Statement is based on the belief that to whom much is given, much is required. 

Only one in seventeen people have the privilege of living in the United States of America, the most prosperous country on earth. As Americans we enjoy a rich heritage of political and religious liberty and the greatest amount of personal freedom of any people. Our founding fathers declared their firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence and pledged to each other their lives, fortunes, and their sacred honor. We labor to do the same with our students.

We believe that education is discipleship.

We believe that education is discipleship. Therefore, we do not see academics as an end, but as a means of glorifying God through preparing our children for this life, and more so, for eternity.  And so our primary focus is that our students learn a truly biblical worldview within their studies. We believe that the heritage that we have received as followers of Jesus Christ must be preserved, and we teach these principles to our students.

The privileges of a free market economy, personal liberty, and prosperity should also be valued as gifts from God almighty. We should then use our wealth and freedom to accomplish God’s eternal purposes. We desire to instill in our students the responsibility to preserve the legacy of what it means to be an American. We train students with the end in mind that their education should ultimately be used to further the Kingdom of God on earth.

Therefore, we endeavor to equip our students with an excellent education and an understanding of their American heritage. We will challenge every student to achieve the highest level of personal discipline, moral development and dependence upon God.

In America today, and particularly in California, self-proclaimed experts in “progressive” education have drawn up new plans and devised new ways of teaching, abandoning common sense and rejecting the tried-and-true. This is not the case here. We are traditional and classical; some may say old-school, and we like it that way.

We strive to develop within students the intellectual and personal habits and skills upon which responsible, independent, and productive lives are built, in the firm belief that such lives are the basis of a free and just society. We endeavor to offer enrichment and to develop character through both curricular and extracurricular offerings, to nurture the child’s humanity — spirit, mind, and body — with a constant view to the potential adult. The greatest impact we can have upon a life is through education. We provide an environment that acknowledges Almighty God and views every subject from the perspective of Christian Theism. We believe that is the environment where Christian children should be taught. If the Lord wills for your family, we invite you become part of the Kuyper family.

Photo by Aaron Burden

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