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Kuyper Christian Prep School is a ChristianClassical, and Collaborative K-12 grade school in San Diego based on timeless principles concerning the education of American children.

We want to help children reach their full potential in life by getting them started right! We provide three educational program options to best suit the needs of your children and family.

Kuyper is an environment enriched with the highest appreciation for God and country and the pursuit of excellence. When you place your child in a school, you are placing them in an environment that will help mold their lives forever. Our goal is to help children understand that in spite of the harsh realities that exist in this world, they can be a positive influence and part of the solution by achieving their full potential in life. We place a high value on a biblical worldview, academics, family, character, discipline, leadership, patriotism, and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Kuyper’s carefully-selected curriculum relies on primary sources, historical documents, biographies, autobiographies, and classic works of literature. Accordingly, its curriculum stands in contrast to typical contemporary textbooks, which for decades have been subject to oversimplification and historical revisionism. Kuyper was set up to teach traditional subjects in traditional ways. Kuyper is a ministry of Zion Christian Fellowship Ministries.

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Photo by Ben White

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