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Joseph Hamer

With almost a whole month in the books, we can definitely say this year is MOVING! Right upon us is a few exciting events…

Student council elections will be held on September 13th, during chapel. Any Upper School students are eligible to run for council positions, and I encourage as many students as possible to join the fun of a cool council-run! (Hehehe, I rhymed) If you are interested or have any questions please reach out to me, and I will be ready to help.

For our ever so special Lower School students, our trip to Oma’s Pumpkin Patch is always a fun getaway -that is coming in October. More field trips and outings are being planned and will be exclusive for each class to have more focused and enjoyable experiences. Always, if there are any suggestions or requests for a particular activity, please send them my way!

Be on the lookout for upcoming “Korrespondence” competitions to be found right here in the Kuyper Konnection! Parents and students will both have opportunities to win prizes by solving riddles and answering questions and trivia. Here’s the catch: answers have to be submitted by written correspondence to our school address! If you want a sneak peek, send and email with the Key Word -‘Korrespondence,’ to the Student Life director, I hope to be an encouragement to all of our students from Kinder to Senior and to fill this year with memorable experiences for years to come. Blessings!

Joseph Hamer
Photo by Arnaud Mesureur

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