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Excellence in K-12th grade education at an affordable price.

Progressive education sometimes discards the great works of our Judeo-Christian heritage, but a liberal arts education reclaims them. By studying the past, our students are truly prepared for the future and the synergy of Kuyper Prep’s collaborative model leads to quantifiable results while increasing family time. Classical Christian education establishes deep roots and helps children flourish as they reach adulthood. Sound intriguing? Come learn more about the Trivium and what Kuyper offers your family at an upcoming admissions event.

Working together to see Christ formed in every child!

Kuyper Christian Prep School is, in essence, an expression of the commitment of a body of parents to provide the best possible training and instruction for their children. Our mission is to instill in each student a love for truth, wisdom, discernment and learning through the use of excellent materials, in an orderly setting, founded on a growing personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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At Kuyper, we realize that education must seek to impact the whole person

Our teachers engage and equip the mind, body and spirit of every student. Your child is raised up in a loving Christian community that provides individual care, attention and support.

We seek to nurture children in an atmosphere consistent with historic Christian belief through a faithful and committed faculty while restoring the biblical priority of the family. We believe that education is discipleship; it is never neutral. Therefore we unashamedly teach every subject from a distinctively Christian worldview.

We educate youth in a historic Christian worldview through a rigorous Trivium-based curriculum. Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom of each subject are acquired with increasing sophistication as age, grade level and ability rise.

We are a genuine school/home collaboration, where students receive the option of professional instruction on campus two to three days per week and work at home under the tutelage of their parents for the balance of the week allowing the family to be the primary influence on the child’s life.

Serving families in San Diego County with a Classical and Christ-Centered Education for 16 years

Learn about the means and meaning of a Kuyper education from our school leadership. School Previews are not grade specific but rather these evening sessions provide a more in-depth explanation of Christian classical education to all inquiring families regardless of grade level.

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