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Welcome Back!

Joseph Hamer

Welcome back, Everyone! I hope you have had a restful and adventurous summer! I am quite grateful to be starting my 10th year on staff with Kuyper.

I believe these years have been so precious because God has always guided our school with His presence and mercy, and I have beenable to see His work in the lives of staff members, students, and parents alike.

These years have seen countless hours of grading, working, serving, laughing, praying, crying, organizing, sweating, and much more —and every moment and experience has been worth it. My role this year will be directed to school environment and growth. As the Director of Student Life I will be taking a deeper involvement in the overall activities of our students, including: academics, sports, field trips, chapel and assemblies, and Student Council. I will also be continuing to make closer partnerships with parents and family, as I assist our new Headmaster this year.

I am so grateful for all the years of support and encouragement that I received as Headmaster, and I wish you will all show the same and more for Headmaster Feria. I am eager to share another year with you all. See you on the first day of school!

Joseph Hamer
Photo by Tyler Nix

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