President’s Greeting!

“To Whom Much is Given…”

Brian Hendry

The winds of change are upon us. Tomorrow, the leaves will be turning and falling off the trees. The day after that, we will be eating turkey and the following day giving out Christmas presents before ringing in another New Year! Now I am certainly exaggerating…but am I? To me, it sure feels that’s the way time has been passing.

I’ve been a part of Kuyper Prep since our inception in 2004. Fifteen years of giving our best to educate students has flown by and has certainly not been easy, but I am convicted that it is more than worth every effort and expense. What is of greater value than the hearts of your children? What is the price tag of them walking in truth? As we are on the cusp of another school year, keep such thoughts at the forefront of your mind. Don’t let go, in any way, of what is highest, best, true and beautiful. Because when the winds of change blow hard and you wake up one day to your kindergarten boy shaving, you will know what you valued.

Jesus said that to whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48). We have been given much in the responsibility to train our children in a Christian, classical and collaborative way. We may look back in amazement at the rapidity of the time that has passed, yet in the midst of such child training itseems more like thick molasses being poured out, or watching grass grow, or perhaps a slowly dripping faucet. In those moments, let’s go back to Jesus’ words and remember how much we have been given so we stay focused on what is required. What a treasure is the responsibility to parent…what a gift! It’s in your hands. How will you handle it this year? Stay the course. Yes, much is required, but great will be your reward when you release those sharp arrows toward the intended target.

I am filled with joy at returning to serve you once again as the president of Kuyper. In joining with Joseph Hamer and Ricky Feria, our new headmaster, we will be co-laboring in such a way that our leadership will be shared in various areas of the school. I trust that over the coming months the growth in each area that you experience will encourage you as you press on. “To whom much is given, much is required.” We feel the burden to be a blessing; I’m sure you do too. We look forward to coming along side ofyou in the privilege of discipling your children this year, after all, education is discipleship.The Kuyper Konnection

Brian Hendry
Photo by Anton Darius

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