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Why Kuyper?

I served on a school board over 10 years ago, and at one of our meetings, the discussion led to why families enrolled in the school. We decided to conduct a survey of the families and found the results to be affirming. Over the past three months, I have been asking myself the same question about Kuyper, and have come to realize that our families would likely give the same answers. Here are three reasons why most Christian parents would want to enroll their children at Kuyper.

Protection of Children

The first and obvious reason is to protect our children from mental and physical harm. We do our best to prevent all forms of bullying and address any suspicion of such activity immediately. I have had a few conversations with parents who said this was the primary reason they enrolled their child(ren) at Kuyper.

Religious Convictions

Our religious convictions are at the core of why we choose Kuyper Christian Prep. We have the freedom to teach and prepare our children biblically. Recently, our state assembly and senate passed laws threatening our values, notably involving sex education (AB329) and parental authority (SB276 & AB499). At this time, these laws are less likely to be enforced in a Christian private and home school environment.

Family Discipleship –Unity

Family unity is a result of effective family discipleship. We have frequently emphasized that the staff at Kuyper are coming alongside you as parents, with the sole mission to assist you in discipling your children. As part of the Christian community, working with church pastors, parents, and teachers, we try to create and foster a culture that aims to keep your family together.

These are three of the main reasons parents choose private Christian and home education. It comes down to protecting the values of our faith and families. In my recent conversations with several parents, teachers, and staff, I have found these to be the same reasons why most of our families are here at Kuyper. We count it a privilege to come alongside you and share in our deepest conviction to train children and launch them out into the world for God’s Kingdom and glory!The Kuyper KonnectionStudent Council discussing policies

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