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Meet Kayla Claiborne

I have the wonderful privilege of being a first-time Kuyperparent, and a new staff member this year. I feel like I have the best of both worlds! Kuyper is something our family has been passionate about since the school was started. I am so excited to experience this school year with all of the wonderful Kuyper families I already know and love (and the new ones I will soon have the pleasure to meet).

I moved to California from North Carolina with my husband because he had a purpose to someday return to Kuyper, the school from which he, himself, graduated. I never dreamed that when my boys would start kindergarten, I would also have the added blessing of being brought on staff to help support our amazing school!

When I think of Kuyper, I think first of the dedicated and attentive teachers and staff I have known now for years. They are praying for your kids even as you read this and are setting up their classrooms to highlight God’s excellence in every class subject. In the words of David Gamble, “God is the creator of mathematical truths that are embedded into our world. He is the One who inspires the beauty of art. He has written every page in our history books. Teaching about these things is teaching about our Lord.” Thank God for our faithful teachers!

I think next of the wise and loving parents who have made the decision to “train up your children in the way they should go.” My hope is that we will all be used this year to sharpen and strengthen each other, and I pray that our time with your children will not only support and encourage your work with them but that it would serve to further unite the body of Christ. I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Kayla Claiborne
Photo by Element5 Digital

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